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COVID-19: your questions answered
Вебинар| COVID-19: отвечаем на Ваши вопросы

Webinar | COVID-19: your questions answered
15.04.2020 | 1 PM UK time

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold across Europe and around the world, our experts are here to address some of the frequently asked questions we are receiving in relation to the disease. During this session, Dr Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director, will discuss the status of COVID-19 testing and procedures and the efficacy of masks. We will also share some of the early findings from our COVID-19 benchmarking survey. JOIN HERE.

One virus, a dozen different country responses
Вебинар| Один вирус, и как различные страны на него реагируют
Webinar | One virus, a dozen different country responses

16.04.2020 | 2 PM Sydney, 12PM Singapore

Last week we saw China start to relax some of the measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19; at the same time Indonesia and Singapore tightened theirs. As the COVID-19 outbreak progresses, we take the opportunity to further examine the various intervention strategies that governments are using around the world and why some are working better than others. JOIN HERE.

COVID-19 Business Resilience & Security
Вебинар | COVID-19: Как бизнесу выстоять и обеспечить свою безопасность
Joint Webinar | COVID-19 Business Resilience & Security

17.04.2020 | 4.30 PM CEST

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and boarders around the world close, many organisations are faced with the difficult task of protecting the health and security of their workforce in different locations. This webinar, presented by BCI Head of Thought Leadership, Rachael Elliott, and International SOS Security Manager, Naomi Roland, will look at this issue and also present the latest findings from the third edition of the Coronavirus Organisational Preparedness Report. JOIN HERE.

Weathering the Storm of COVID-19 : A changing landscape of onboard health risk mitigation
Вебинар| Противостоять шторму COVID-19 : меняя ситуацию на кораблях путем снижения рисков в сфере здоровья
Joint Webinar | Weathering the Storm of COVID-19 : A changing landscape of onboard health risk mitigation

21.04.2020 | 9.30 AM CEST

Many industries and businesses are stalled as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to develop globally, commercial ships and crews are however operating to maintain the essential supplies for the world. The latest restrictions and policies imposed in most countries are additional challenges to ship operators and their crew. HKSOA and MedSea will review together those challenges and discuss ways to deal with them. JOIN HERE.

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Supporting organisations along the COVID-19 pandemic curve
(Recorded on 09.04.2020)

International SOS has been supporting thousands of organisations and their people to combat the COVID-19 pandemic together. Depending on which countries you operate in, your strategy will likely have been shaped by the local case volumes. This illustration highlights the quick changes organisations have made or should be making to their risk management strategies. We look ahead at how you can protect your organisations business resilience and continuity for the rest of 2020 and beyond. To read the article, CLICK HERE.

Webinar Recording | Asia Pacific Situational Update
(Recorded on 09.04.2020)

Our APAC experts, Dr Doug Quarry, Global Medical Director, and James Robertson, Regional Security Director, provided an update on the current COVID-19 situation and discussed mitigation measures and security overview. To watch the video, CLICK HERE.

Webinar Recording | Supporting your international assignees during COVID-19
(Recorded on 08.04.2020)

Some of our Asia experts answered the most frequently asked questions on how organisations can support their international assignees during the COVID-19 pandemic. To watch the video, CLICK HERE.

Webinar Recording: Protecting mental wellbeing & building resilience
(Recorded on 08.04.2020)

A panel of our experts discussed the psychological impact the current COVID-19 pandemic has on individuals and provided key tips to stay healthy and productive whilst working from home during the pandemic. To watch the video, CLICK HERE.