Онлайн семинары по вопросам противодействия COVID-19



Webinar | COVID-19: Adapting to the new norm

With lockdowns and home offices becoming the new norm, the next big question is how people and organisations can adapt. How can we continue to operate behind closed doors, communicate with employees, promote mental health, and be prepared for a second wave when we start to re-open borders? These are just some of the questions our experts will discuss in our upcoming webinar. JOIN HERE.

Webinar | COVID-19 Security & Business Resilience

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and borders around the world close, many organisations are faced with the difficult task of supporting employees based abroad. Join us for a live webinar where our security expert Holly McGurk will share important insights into key considerations to support your workforce during COVID-19, including how your organisation can remain alert, flexible and prepared as this situation evolves? JOIN HERE.

Webinar | COVID-19: Situation update, preventative and response measures (Russian)

Join our live webinar dedicated to the COVID-19 situation update, preventative and response measures. Our Russian speaking Medical and Security experts will provide the latest overview and discuss the business response and preventive measures. JOIN HERE. untitled.png